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  trailrunning > trailrunning blog > 26.03.2012

26.03.2012 – 21.32km / 1:55:11 Hong Kong Trail 2nd half
      Another fun race with my training buddy Marcel. We both started at Parkview. Marcel ran directly to Tai Tam Reservoir and hooked up with the Hong Kong Trail whilst I ran the entire 2nd half, meaning the added joys of Jardine's Lookout and Mount Butler, and tried to catch him up. Today's weather was perfect - sunny, windy, not too hot. Every trailrunner's wet (or should that be sunny, dry and windy) dream. It was a joy to soak up the views of Mount Butler on the initial climb, and the pristine-looking Mount Parker behind it. This was followed by a lengthy flattish section where you have to get a good rhythm and keep it. I aimed for around 4.30min/km or faster, and checked my pace occasionally to check that laziness was not creeping in. Then came the undulating, lush green roller coaster that is Dragon's Back. It really was magnificent to see it all layed out in front of me. The ultimate 'Welcome' mat. After descending Dragon's Back there is a flattish mud trail. On this trail I passed mileage post 90 (of 100 in total at 500m intervals) after 1h45min and I realised a sub-2h time was on the cards. My philosophy in these situations is simple. 1. You don't run fast for 1h45min and then miss out on a sub-2h. No chance. 2. Prepare myself for a little discomfort. 3. Switch off the brain. 4. Run. 5. Run. 6. Run. So I started pushing on the concrete road that followed the mud trail and then ran down the technical, awkward downhill at the end at full speed. This final descent was so much fun - it felt exciting, raw and a little dangerous. It was on this final downhill, about 500m from the end, that I overtook Marcel (wahooooooo). It was all a bit of a blur actually, as I was so focussed on running, so I just shouted out "See you at the finish Sugar Tits" and flew past. Sorry Marcel - better luck next time :)

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