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Adventurous Hikes
The 'Adventurous Hikes' series of books is unique and adds a sense of adventure to hiking in Hong Kong. The books are aimed at hikers who are reasonably experienced and who are technically accomplished enough to handle almost any kind of terrain. Many of the paths described in these books are narrow, hard to find, overgrown mud paths. Descents down steep, slippery slopes and long, technical, exposed climbs are to be expected. The routes in include many unsignposted, overgrown trails, steep climbs, slippery descents and calm, hidden paths. Each hike is designed to be a full and comprehensive day's outing. This does not mean that the hikes in these books should only be attempted by the super-fit. Hikes are categorised according to difficulty, and range from being relatively straightforward to being long, difficult and very technically demanding. All that is assumed is reasonable hiking experience, the ability to use and read a map and the desire to walk along overgrown paths or steep, slippery ups and downs with a smile fixed firmly to your face. Hikes are clearly described and easy to follow and include detailed transport and background information about the hike itself. More information in the 'book features' section. There are currently two titles in our 'Adventurous Hikes' series - all our books are written in English and printed in full colour.
Adventurous Hikes Book 1: Hong Kong's New Territories
Price: HK$200  
Adventurous Hikes Book 2: Hong Kong's 20 Highest Peaks
Price: HK$200  
Adventurous Combo   Total Hiker Combo
Both Adventurous Hikes
Books (10% discount)
  All 5
Books (15% discount)
Price: HK$360   Price: HK$782