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  hiking > equipment list
The list below gives a list of items which I would consider to be essential for any hike. Please note this is a purely subjective list:
WATER: Hong Kong is hot and humid. Water is the MOST ESSENTIAL item for any hiker. Always take more than you need!!
MAP: Don't get lost. Plan a sensible, easy route. In Hong Kong the Countryside series maps are a must.
FIRST AID KIT: Injuries do happen. Be prepared. Learn basic first aid and carry a basic first aid kit on your hikes.
SUN CREAM: Sun burn hurts and can also be the cause of skin cancer. When it comes to hiking - never be seen without your sun cream.
HAT: A head exposed mercilessly to sun is a head in trouble. Bring a hat and even an umbrella to shade yourself from the sun.
SPARE CLOTHES: When it's hot you sweat wet T-shirts are uncomfortable. Bring some spare ones (at least 3).
BOOTS: Boots are important and essential items. Rugged, slippery slopes require rugged, solid footwear.
PHONE: If you're in deep trouble, your last hope may be your mobile phone. At last a pointless fashion accessory becomes a useful item.
FOOD: There is no MacDonalds half way up Sharp Peak. So come prepared. Water is an essential, food is a necessity.
TORCH: Darkness descends quickly and suddenly. Unless you want to be fumbling and stumbling helplessly along rocky inclines, bring a torch.
STICK: A stick is always useful. To support weary or damaged limbs, or even fend off monkeys and dogs!
RUCKSACK: What are you going to put all your equipment into? A comfortable, well fitting, well supported rucksack - that's what.
PEOPLE: Bringing someone along is your best option. If you have no friends, then at least tell someone where you are. IT'S IMPORTANT.
MONEY: Money may come in useful, even though it's harder to buy your way out of trouble in the countryside.
COMPASS: When lost a compass can help you find your location and get home. Please learn how to use one.
WHISTLE: If you are lost and no-one can see you maybe they can hear you. A loud whistle is a must.