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Behind the skyscrapers in Hong Kong lies a vista of lush semi-tropical countryside. About 38% of the land in Hong Kong has been designated as country parks and the Agriculture and Fisheries department maintains a vast array of paths, campsites and picnic sites. Added to this, public transport in Hong Kong is excellent and many trails are within short and easy reach of the city. There is a massive hiking community in Hong Kong and it really is a hikers paradise.
Hiking groups regularly offers free hikes for everyone. Information on the next hike is here. Please check the difficulty level to make sure you are capable of the hike and also look at the recommended equipment list. Other hiking groups in Hong Kong are found in the links section here.
Where to hike - The New Territories and Lantau Island provide the most isolated and remote hiking locations, but even Hong Kong Island itself has many trails, including the 50km Hong Kong Trail. It is possible to find both easy and more challenging hikes in all areas of Hong Kong and public transport is uniformly excellent.
Trails - The four most famous long distance hiking trails in Hong Kong are listed below whilst many smaller marked and unmarked trails can be found. Just explore!!
  MacLehose Trail
  Hong Kong Trail
spacer spacer
  Lantau Trail
  Wilson Trail
Lantau was deserted island until the chaos of the airport and the disaster that is disney. A 75km trail with mysterious peaks and great views is still here though.
My personal favourite. At 78km not the longest trail, but certainly the most rugged. Hard climbs and steep descents for experienced hikers.
Maps - The Hong Kong government produces the excellent Countryside Series maps. Five different maps are produced which cover the whole territory. These maps are generally at a scale of 1:25 000 and are regularly updated. They show all the major paths and many of the smaller paths as well providing useful topographical, transport and facility information. The maps are sold at most hiking shops in Hong Kong.
Hiking guide books - Various hiking guides are available in both Chinese and English. These give more precise information on various routes and getting to and from them. has its own range of hiking books. New editions of all our hiking books and one brand new book will be available towards the end of October 2010.