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  trailrunning > trailrunning blog > 02.02.2012

02.02.2012 – trailrunning goals for 2012
      My running goals for 2012 (not sure all of these will be achievable but I'll give it a bloody good go):

1. To get from Fa Sam Hang village to the top of West Buffalo Hill in less than 25min. Currrent PB = 26min29sec. It's a 2.05km climb with 460m elevation gain on a rough, technical, overgrown path. This is pure, lung bursting hill climbing and actually quite brutal and painful. This might be what kills me so I should do this last....... ACHIEVED
2. Plover Cove Reservoir Vince's route in sub 1h45min. Current PB = 1h50min56sec. 17.63km of beautiful, undulating, rocky, gravelly ups and downs. Sub 1h45min will be tough, but without reverie life would just be reality. ACHIEVED
3. Sub-35min 10km. Current PB = 36min34sec. I'm not really a 10km runner, and have only timed myself on the distance about 5 times, but sub-35min would be a nice achievement.
4. Sub 3h marathon. I've never run a marathon, but have done many 20km and 30km trail runs at the equivalent of sub-3hr marathon pace. Whether I can maintain that for another 10km and do it on a road remains to be seen!!
5. KOTH Tai Po half marathon route in under 1h40min. Current PB = 1h45min37sec. Another classic trail run, steep climbs, undulating ridges and a kamikazee downhill just before the end.

OK, that's it. Guess I should stop partying and start running :)

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