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  trailrunning > trailrunning blog > 05.03.2012

05.03.2012 – 23.96km / 3:55:46 Lantau 50 1st half
      Ran the Lantau 50 1st half with my training buddy Marcel. The initial climb from Discovery Bay is slightly obnoxious and there’s no point pushing it and wasting your legs for the sake of a couple of minutes. But then there are some beautiful, runnable mud trails. I love the rough, technical descent to Ngau Kwu Long. This is the kind of difficult, muddy descent where technically gifted trailrunners can make up several minutes on their rivals. The ascent from Pak Mong is very gradual and also lovely, but I worry that the mud paths will soon be replaced by stone or concrete as some construction seemed to be going on there. The undulating plateau trail passing Lin Fa Shan is amazing. Running it today there were banks of cloud blowing through the gaps in the hills. Within minutes visibility would go from hundreds of metres, to only a few metres and then back to hundreds of metres again. Wowwww!!! After descending from Sunset Peak to Pak Kung Au my trailrunning buddy Marcel called it a day. So we came up with a plan for a race – he would take the bus to Mui Wo whilst I would run the South Lantau Country Trail to Nam Shan. This was fun and really gave me the green light to stretch my legs a bit. So I started the South Lantau Country Trail just as twilight was descending. And everything was calm. A misty, ephemeral silence fell upon nature and I had the feeling that as I ran, the trail was disintegrating and disappearing behind me. Into nothing. Into everything. Perfect trailrunning really. Yessss!!! I managed the Pak Kung Au to Nam Shan interval in 37 minutes exactly. Hopped on a bus and got to Mui Wo - only to find Marcel standing there drinking a coffee (he got there about 10 minutes before me). So I lost the race, but actually, after the beautiful twilight section of the run, felt like a winner…..

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