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  trailrunning > trailrunning blog > 19.03.2012

19.03.2012 – 21.01km / 2:05:14 Action Asia Healthy Run (anti-clockwise)
      Today I ran the route of the 21km Action Asia race that took place yesterday. I tried to run this route last week and got lost, but wanted to try again because I had an inkling the trails would be amazing. And they were. The run starts with a concrete road which gets you nicely warmed up and ready for the undulating mud trails that follow. These mud trails are great – small hills that under race conditions you could run up no problem interspersed with gentle downhill sections that good technical trailrunners will fly down and inexperienced trailrunners (say hello any roadies who spontaneously fancied a day on the trails!) will be slow on. The route undulates nicely to the starkly beautiful, brutal main dam on Tai Lam Chung reservoir. Now comes the one main climb on the route. Initially it is quite overgrown with trees / bamboo hindering progress so this is a good time to get your breath back and take a gel. After this the climb opens up somewhat and you can decide whether to attack or not. Personally I would hold back (tell you why later!). After about a 15 minute climb the summit is summitted and there follows a shortish eroded, slippery, technical descent before you hit the Yuen Tun Country Trail. This is where the champagne running begins. The height gained by climbing the hill has drawn the string on your bow and catapults you along several km of amazing mud paths which tend to go slightly downhill. In a race, if you have saved your legs on the climb I reckon it would be possible to absolutely fly down these paths. Keeping good form on the occasional incline and then being reckless on the downhills, which once again, will allow good technical runners to make up many minutes on their roadie brethren. Not today though. Today I soaked up the sun like a fat, lazy cat and enjoyed the views, a bamboo grove here, a canopy of lush greenery there a trickling stream lending variety occasionally. Ahhhhhhh!! The route ends on the Tai Tong Nature Trail which is also very beautiful. Right at the very end there are some stairs and an uphill run on a road. These must be tough at the end of a race when you are knackered, and I will hand craft a statue out of a pair of Salomon shoes for anyone who can run up the stairs non-stop at the end of a race. Then comes the end and wow, what a beautiful course. Gonna add this to my race calendar for next year….. :)

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