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  trailrunning > trailrunning blog > 10.10.2013
10.10.2013 – 13.46km / 59:30 Guildford Round Trip
     I think any time under 1hr on this 13.5km trailrun really is quite decent. I squeezed in at 59:30. The lingering memory from today is of a deliciously fresh, gusty wind and crunchy leaves underfoot. 

I felt absolutely great on the hills. Whenever I lost momentum or felt tired I shortened my stride and increased my cadence. This compactness really works and helps me to refocus energy and power into the hill. I always imagine it to be like a gyroscope, with all this central core momentum driving everything. I have been focussing on this technique for about a month and it is paying off. I ran up every hill and on all of them always felt I had the capacity to accelerate if need be, as opposed to fading. Nice. 

Still slow on the flats though. In top shape I hit 3:40 - 3:50min/km on the gently undulating, occasionally technical flats which often occur during trailruns. Today it was more like 3:55-4:10min/km.

Planning to increase the intensity of my training in the next few weeks and also start doing some fucking painful and awfully hard hill intervals. Let's see where I am in a month.

Just being outside is always an absolute pleasure. And whilst running I do occasionally reflect on the simple fact that I am in the countryside running and that it feels amazing to do so. This frivolous analysis of running speed and technique etc.... is all just the icing on the cake. The terrifically tantalising trailrunning cake. Yummmmmmmmm!!