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  trailrunning > trailrunning blog > 16.11.2013

16.11.2013 – 22km / 1:37:29 Coulsdon South Round Trip x2

Sun. Fun. Trailrun.

1 (Yes ONE!!!) second (Yes SECOND!!!) faster than my PB on this route which I set over a year ago. It's interesting comparing the two runs. Last year I was hitting much faster speeds on the flats and taking the hills at a more relaxed pace, whereas today was more of a relentless effort. Two different approaches, almost identical result. I guess that's one of the things about trailrunning - very often the conditions of the trail dictate our running style to quite a pronounced degree. 

I think today was definitely a better run than last year. A lot of the mud paths were really muddy and boggy. There were numerous slain trees lying across the trails, casualties of the big storm. These had to be climbed over or circumnavigated. And the fields were almost all boggy and clingy. It really takes the strength out of your legs when each footstep just sinks into a clay-ey substrate. And of course, it is impossible to spirit along at speed in such circumstances, or to find a rhythm. 

Still not really sure where I am with my fitness. I never really have a training plan. Trying to get two 20km+ trailruns in per week just to get some strength in my legs but I feel that now I need some tough hill interval sessions to get some authentic power back into my legs. Just keep running and see what happens. Gonna take it slow. What's the rush? There's a race this month. Another one next month. And the month after. And, oh yeah, the month after that. Ad infinitum. Race fitness and speed and leg strength will come and when they do, I will race again. And I don't mean this in a flippant way. I had quite a bad achilles injury earlier this year. And in a race, we are always tempted to push ourselves beyond our level of actual physical wellbeing and strength. I know I do. The mind is a powerful thing and occasionally, a destructive thing. So I am waiting until my body is ready to go beyond it's capabilities without hurting itself.

What gorgeous weather. Soft, delicate sun and clear air. Silence broken by rustling birds and a breathing runner. Transitory greetings and a smile for fellow nature lovers who blurred past. Will our paths ever cross again or has our moment blurred past? Caleidoscope brown leaves feather my stride and mud, mud, mud. Embracing. Not wanting to let go. Mud love you long time. Mud.

Und es gibt keine Schmerzen in der Natur. Kummer und Streben fliegen davon. Diese Zeit zählt nicht als Leben. Existenz zersetzt sich. Ein Traumvogel fliegt.